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If you are looking for that extra edge in sport, hypnosis can help you achieve your goal. Can you imagine how powerful it would be for your team if everyone had the same strong belief in themselves and the collective effort of the team?

Hypnosis in sport has been used for years by many of the top professional sports people and teams.

  • In golf, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods have used hypnosis for many years to gain that extra edge and relaxed focus.  Tiger Woods has been using Hypnosis techniques since the age of 13.

Hypnosis can be used by anybody to enhance their sports performance.

Find out how sports hypnosis can help you in your individual sport.

Find out how sports hypnosis can be used to maximise your team's performance.


  • It helps to focus the mind and builds confidence towards achieving goals.
  • It guides towards letting go of old habits or old negative beliefs that may be holding you back.
  • It also guides in removing fear from performing, enabling you to train and perform to the best of your ability.

John Connolly is an experienced Hypnotherapist who uses pioneering hypnosis methods to help people deal with emotional areas of their lives.  He helps people who are suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, those who want to give up smoking, lose weight, or overcome insomnia or phobias.  Since 2010, John has achieved great results helping sports people to achieve their goals and succeed.

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