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This goes not only for practice and training but also for the self-talk we have within ourselves. Yes, we all do it! If you keep telling yourself you can't do something or achieve something, guess what? You are programming your mind to do exactly what you are telling it to do. This can be changed and when it is, the results are amazing.

About John Connolly, Sports Hypnotherapist

Hypnosport is owned and operated by John Connolly. John Connolly is an experienced Hypnotherapist who uses pioneering hypnosis methods to help people deal with emotional areas of their lives.  John is also a keen athlete and coach, with several marathons under his belt.

John knows first hand the mental focus needed to help people to attain their goals in sports,  by believing in themselves. His passion and belief in clinical hypnosis methods to help sports people are pioneering and get results as many people are finding out everyday.

John often works with Bridget Wing, an excellent Sports Nutritionist  who delivers workshops on Functional Foods for Sport Improvement which can be delivered as part of the Sports Motivation Workshop.   She also works with individual athletes to help imrove their performance.  Bridget is passionate about Sports Nutrition and Lifestyle Nutrition for all ages. 

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