Motivational Workshops

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Motivational Workshops

Could your team or group or club benefit from a workshop which would:

increase their individual self belief;
increase the belief as a team or group together;
Build a stronger team spirit together;
and focus their minds on the goals they want to achieve?

The workshops usually take about two  hours.  We explain what we do, how we do it and then do it!  It helps to let go of old negative self defeating beliefs that a person may have without realising it and when this is cleared from their mind we build a stronger more positive belief system in their subconscious mind.  We hold small workshops (up to 10 people) at our clinic in Oranmore or anything larger can be arranged at a local hotel or at your clubhouse or gym.

As an example, last year John Connolly worked with the Castlegar Camogie team during their journey to All Ireland glory in the Intermediate Final.  We had a group of 25 to 30 players and managers at the Clayton Hotel in Galway, the first workshop took about 3 hours and two other workshops were just about an hour.  The building of team momentum was fantastic and their inner belief as a group was fantastic.   John has also worked over the years with many individual athletes in various sports helping them to increase their self belief and mental focus.  For more information on setting up a workshop with John at Hypnosport either email or call 0863621575.