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Team Sports

Are you coaching a team, or playing as part of a team and finding there’s disharmony in the changing room or on the pitch?  Is a lack of confidence or self-belief that is holding you back?

We work with sports teams in a few different ways.  We’ve enjoyed considerable success helping sportspeople regain their confidence and win in Galway, Mayo, and Westmeath.

Team Sports Hypnotherapy Prices

  • For teams, we offer a 2 hour workshop costing €250 for the whole team, including management that breaks down and identifies any fears and negativity that are at play. 
  • This is followed by 2 x one-hour sessions that focus on increasing individual’s self belief and to creating more harmony in the team.
You will usually see results right away, after the first workshop session. Typically groups require three sessions for ultimate success, costing €450.

About John Connolly, Sports Hypnotherapist

John Connolly is an experienced Hypnotherapist who uses pioneering hypnosis methods to help people deal with emotional areas of their lives.  He helps people who are suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, those who want to give up smoking, lose weight, or overcome insomnia or phobias.  Since 2007, John has achieved great results helping sports people to achieve their goals and succeed.

Recent Success

2013 Winners of the Womens All-Ireland Intermediate Camogie Championship.

Castlegar Camogie Club turned their attitude around by working with me as a group for three sessions.  We began just before the All Ireland Semi Final with the group session, with a follow-up after that, and the final session on the night before the All-Ireland Final.

The change in their attitudes was palpable, and it was no surprise that the team went on to victory.

Coaching a team is just like running a business; you get specialist advice for the bits you’re not so strong at.  Sports coaches today use a variety of different advisors who input in their various ways with the goal of seeing the team achieve their full potential. 

Contact us today for an obligation-free chat to see if hypnosis is something that you could use in your team, either as a player or a coach.   


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